Pierpaolo Lanzoni is a chartered accountant and auditor with over twenty years of experience in corporate, company and group taxation, both in extraordinary transactions and in transfer pricing,  assessment procedures with adhesion and judicial conciliation, as well as defense before the Tax courts.

He has held various positions as a bankruptcy official receiver and forensic technical advisor at the Civil Court of Rome.

He deals with international taxation in relation to monitoring, and taxation related to the possession of investments abroad, to the conventional double taxation regimes and related tax refunds, to the VAT regime of transactions with foreign countries.

He assists main urban development consortia in the administrative and fiscal issues related to the implementation of urban planning programs, both during the approval process and in the subsequent implementation phase.

In September 2022 he has been appointed member of the Commission “Tools for National and International Enterprise Development” of the Association of Certified Public Accountants, Auditors and Advisors of Rome.

He graduated in Economics (Business and Commerce) from “La Sapienza” University of Rome. He is mother tongue in Italian and fluent in English.

Responsible for the IT services of the firm, information technology and new technologies are among his greatest passions.


Email: p.lanzoni@smea.eu

Tel. (+39) 06-697787